Become a Better Proofreader with a Cup of Coffee

Has everyone had his or her morning cup of joe yet?  If not, then maybe you should grab one because coffee is a great companion for work.

We all know that coffee provides that extra jolt in the morning that some of us need, but did you also know that it helps you proofread emails and letters better?

According to a new study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, only 200 milligrams of caffeine is all it takes to make you a better proofreader.  That amount is roughly equivalent to a 12 oz. cup of coffee.  However, if you are already a caffeine addict, then you will need about 400 mg (20 oz.) to have the same results.

In this study, researchers gave participants a timed proofreading quiz that tested for spelling errors, incorrect homophones (like two and too), and complex global errors like incorrect verb tense.  Participants who were given caffeine corrected more grammatical mistakes than those given the placebo.  It was also found that regular coffee drinkers needed a stronger dose to make corrections.

The study author Tad Brunye, Ph.D., senior cognitive scientist at the US Army NSRDEC and visiting scholar at Tufts University, stated, “People experience alertness, wakefulness, and arousal following caffeine consumption.  These types of physiological arousal states appear to promote the type of global processing that’s necessary for effective proofreading.”

Brunye suggests drinking your coffee 30 to 45 minutes before doing your final proofread, but make sure to still run it through spellcheck because caffeine did not help the study subjects spot misspellings.

Get more alert with a cup of Black River Roasters coffee and enjoy the day ahead!