Is Camel Milk the Newest Trend to Add to Coffee?

Camelccinos and Camelattes might be on the rise in the UK.  Could this trend make it over to the US?

However, this is not the first time that camel milk has been used in coffee.  On August 14, 2013, NY Daily News wrote about how Costa Coffee shops across the United Arab Emirates were now offering camel milk instead of cow's milk in their drinks.

Costa Coffee is a British brand that has become the first international coffee shop chain to offer camel milk as an alternative to cow's milk.  This new feature points to the increasing acceptance and revival of a traditional Bedouin staple, which had been gradually displaced by the popularity of Western cow's milk.

The first thing I ask myself when I hear this is what does it taste like?  Camelicious describes camel milk as having a clean, healthy, palatable taste.  It is not too different from semi-skimmed cow milk.  In blind tastings, people are often surprised to find they have been sampling camel milk as they expect it to have a stronger taste.

"A few people have said it goes well with a mocha - the savory thing works well with the caramel thing," says Richard Ford, a food journalist with The Grocer magazine, who had the idea of bringing the milk to two branches of coffee chain Taylor Street Baristas, in Brighton and London's Bank area, in aid of Farm Africa.  Ford is running the Brighton marathon to raise funds for the development charity and wanted an eye-catching way to draw attention to his efforts.

According to the Chow, camel milk has many benefits.  First off, it is the closest milk to human mother's milk, which means our bodies not only tolerate it well, but also thrive on it.  Camel milk has triple the amount of vitamin C found in cow's milk.  It has ten times the amount of antibacterial and antiviral properties found in cow's milk.  Additionally, camel milk contains an insulin like protein that survives in the digestive tract that may benefit people with certain forms of diabetes.

Now where do I find myself some camel milk to put in my coffee?!