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Although we believe that almost any coffee can be good on espresso, we've compiled a few of our Black River coffees that we recommend you use when brewing espresso at home.

If you are looking for a more traditional dark roast espresso, we recommend:
Roastmaster's blend.
For a rich, medium-bodied cup that holds up well to milk, we recommend that you use:
Espresso blend
For something lighter and brighter, yet still maintaining body, try our 
For the adventurous ones among us we encourage you to try our lightest roasts for something unique and thrilling. Whether you enjoy a bright, fruit-forward Ethiopian coffee or a dark French Roast blend, we invite you to try it at home and learn what you like most! 
Exploring new tastes, styles, and fashions - whether they be avant-garde or more mainstream - is what keeps life interesting.
When it comes to coffee, what matters is what you enjoy!
If you need any further help with making delicious espresso at home please feel free to contact us at


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