Organic Rwanda, Western Province
Organic Rwanda, Western Province
Organic Rwanda, Western Province

Organic Rwanda, Western Province

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A light bodied yet complex cup, with notes of honey, milk chocolate, dried apricot, and a hint of mango.  


Coffee Farm Information
Location: Karongi, Western Province of Rwanda
Altitude: 5,003 – 7,874 Feet (1,525 to 2,400 meters)
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Fully washed
Drying: Sun-dried on elevated beds
Harvest: June – September

Coffee has long been Rwanda’s largest export, but the genocide of 1994 brought production to a halt. The genocide destroyed the country and with nearly one million lives lost in just 90 days. With assistance from international political bodies and the tremendous courage of the Rwandan people, a degree of stability has been brought back to the country. Members have overcome great obstacles utilizing their agricultural knowledge to sustain their recovering land for the benefit of their community.
Misozi Kopaki is grown in the Karongi District of western Rwanda by over 800 small farmers.The farmers in this area, in an effort create the best coffee possible, have pooled their coffee, resources and knowledge together by forming a cooperative they called Kopaki. After forming their coop, they joined a group of coops called Misozi to aid in the final processing and exportation of their coffee. The Misozi and Kopaki coops are proudly certified Fair Trade to guarantee transparency and fairness throughout their growing community.