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Organic Sumatra

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Bold, full-bodied cup with dry cocoa and walnut flavors with hints of cedar.

CV Sumatera Jaya Kopi was founded in January 2009 to become PT Sumatera Jaya Kopi in 2013 sourcing, processing and exporting green Mandheling Arabica coffee beans from the Gayo Highlands in Sumatra Indonesia.

SJK's back-office is located in Medan, the center of export for the coffee growing region of Sumatra. Through a network of collectors, and their exclusive exporting contract with 'Koperasi Pertanian Gayo Megah Berseri' (KOPTAN), they select and purchase Arabica coffee directly from the local farmers through to the shipping container. Their warehouse, processing line and cupping lab in Aceh Takengon enables them to produce coffee of the highest standard and ensure best and consistent quality with timely shipment for their clients.

They focus on their part of the supply chain that links thousands of coffee farmers to their roasting, importing and trading clients worldwide. They specialize from procurement, through wet milling, classification, transportation and risk management, to marketing processed coffees in their target markets. Beyond conventional coffees they are adding more sustainable certifications for their Specialty Coffees to reflect their responsibility for local communities and environment.

 Coffee Farm Information

Location: Gayo Highlands
Altitude: 3,937 – 4,921 Feet (1,200 – 1,500 Meters)
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Wet-hulled/traditional Sumatran
Drying: Sun-dried on patios
Harvest: September – April