Organic Peru - Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada
Organic Peru - Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada

Organic Peru - Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada

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Notes of mango, yellow peach, butterscotch, and oolong tea.

Coffee Farm Information
Location: San Francisco del Agua Colorada, Cajamarca, Peru
Altitude: 6,099 - 6,299 Feet (1,859 and 1,920 meters)
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Drying: Sun-dried on patios
Harvest: November - January

Northern Peru is legendary for producing coffee with bright, rich flavors. At some of the highest global growing elevations, the “Amazon Andes” yield some of the best-developed flavor profiles in the world. Following a successful crop last year, Peru has come to the forefront of the international coffee scene producing some amazing high-quality coffees as evidenced by the results of the COE Peru for 2017.
Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada is a small family-run farm in Cajamarca Peru that has been operating for 10 years. This farm is located in the Community of San Francisco del Agua Colorada, in Cajamarca, Peru and sits at an altitude of 1,859 and 1,920 meters. Located just outside of town the farms are situated high on a hill with the farm area stretching deep into a beautiful valley. The farm is interpolated with both coffee and a variety of Fruit trees that help optimize sun and shade exposure to ensure optimal growing conditions. True to the name the Gilmer Cordova and his family maintain a strict focus on leveraging sustainable, Organic growing practices to produce amazing coffees, while minimizing the impact on the local ecology.