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Organic Mexico Chiapas


Organic Mexico, Chiapas

Rich and smooth, with notes of caramel, juicy melon, pecan, and baker's chocolate, with a black tea finish.

 Coffee Farm Information
Location: Sierra Madre, Chiapas, Mexico
Farm: Cooperativa CESMACH
Altitude: 3937 -  5741 Feet (1200–1750 masl)
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Process: Fully washed
Harvest: November – April
CESMACH has nearly 500 active members, and has long been managed by Sixto Bonilla. Sixto is very quality-focused and driven to empower his cooperative community with the tools and resources to produce better quality. 

The farms of CESMACH are located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, which is in the highlands of the Sierra Madre. it is one of the most diverse forest reserve areas in the world and contains Mesoamerica's largest cloud forest, as well as a protected natural environment for thousands of plant and animal species. All of the coffee produced here is shade-grown.
They have all the great conditions such as heirloom coffee varieties (Bourbon, Typica), great altitude (1200–1750masl), and passionate coffee growers who want to produce high-quality lots. The location is extremely close to the Guatemala border and Huehuetenango.
Cafe Imports, along with the cooperatives, invested in a quality-control program for CESMACH. An assessment was made in different areas that impact cup quality such as: varieties, fertilization, picking, processing, and lot selection. They were already doing a great job but there are some areas that could use some tweaking. The cooperatives were extremely excited to be part of this program. The plan is to have a certified Q Grader from each cooperative and have a centralized cupping lab to aid in lot selection in order to increase the overall quality of the coffee they are producing and give feedback to the producers on their quality.

Organic Mexico Chiapas


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Fabulous Coffee

Can’t beat the quality and consistency of Black River. Gotta love that small batch roasting:)

Great way to start the day

I've used these in my siphon, espresso, and Chemex and while good in each, I'd say this roast really shines when used in the Chemex brewer. I'm having a cup as I type this and the chocolate notes that come out are just amazing. Add a dash of cinnamon and some honey and wow.


Organic Mexico Chiapas

Dark, rich, chocolatey

My partner really likes this one; it has dark, rich chocolate flavor

just tried a new one

love every coffee at Black River but this is a new one I just tried and will add it to my list