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Organic Breakfast Blend - "Morning Dew"

A smooth and chocolatey blend with notes of vanilla and almond
Our morning dew - breakfast blend is a blend of Central American coffees roasted just a bit lighter than the standard "full city" degree of roast. This cup has smooth chocolaty aromas with a balanced light-to-medium body and a subtle, light finish. This is one of our best selling coffees, brewing a great cup of coffee (and not just for breakfast time). It doubles as a very nice espresso blend as well!

A common misconception in the world of coffee is that the darker a bean is roasted, the more caffeine it has. The opposite is actually true, which is why you see "breakfast blends" on the supermarket shelf looking lighter than darker roasts. The caffeine is a compound within the coffee beans that actually burns up during the roasting process. The longer you roast, the more the caffeine dissipates and the darker the bean.

Organic Breakfast Blend - "Morning Dew"


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I was pleasantly surprised, WOW it is fantastic. Lots of flavor, real smooth.

Tried for the first time

Will definitely be ordering again. Like everything I buy from you guys. I love it.

Breakfast Blend is the Anchor

This is the first coffee I ever had from Black River Roasters, and it was a great introduction. BRR has a great variety of other beans, and sometimes it gets difficult to choose. But this is always my stand-by - a good rule is that I keep at least one bag of this in my house. Any person, no matter what they prefer, will like this blend.

Newest arrivals

Sitting and having a cup of Ethiopian
Wasn't sure I would care for it as the aroma is a change to what I'm use to.
This quite good and will order again. Thanks BBR

Great coffee/ great customer service

I will only drink coffee from Black River Roasters