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Organic Espresso Blend

This richer blend of medium roasted coffees meets you with hints of black cherry, followed by deeper notes of dark chocolate and caramel, with a nutty walnut-like finish.
Our signature Espresso Blend is tailored to be the most flexible brew on your home espresso machine. Remember, espresso is a style of making coffee, not a coffee itself. We vary our blend depending on what coffee is in-season and available to us at the time. We recommend at-home use in a personal espresso machine, Moka Pot, or even AeroPress for the best results. Our blend also makes a great pot of drip coffee or French press!

Organic Espresso Blend


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Awesome espresso

This roast is just dark enough; I like the rich flavors that come through and use this as my daily grind in my espresso machine. Makes a great flat white.


Second time I've gotten it, use it in my French Press, Excellent and Unique

Norm Zurawski
The Best Roaster in Jersey

I have been going to Black River for years now and my latest Black Friday sale experience will not change that. For some reason, USPS sent my order to VA (I live in NJ) and Black River immediately sent me a replacement. In 2 days it was here. Obviously the roast quality is top notch. So you get great product, and great service. I cannot imagine why anyone in the area would go elsewhere.

Shari Ashton
So versatile

Love this espresso blend. I use it in my espresso machine but it’s versatile enough to drip brew. Organic, and delicious!

Bishop Norton
Darker Roast

Does not pull a decent shot in my Rancilio.

Would be better served to lower the acid add heavy body, and reveal deeper, darker flavors.

We are terribly sorry to hear that this roast was not to your liking. We do tend to enjoy lighter roasts here, but we also have delicious darker roasts! One of our favorite dark roast espressos is actually our Mexico coffee - We hope you'll try it!

Best regards.