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Is Nitro Cold Brew a true Specialty Drink?

Nitro is, at its core, cold brew. And cold brew is highly debated as to whether or not it truly IS a specialty coffee drink.

Roasting: The Basics

If you're interested in getting to know more about the ins and outs of roasting come to one of our roasting seminars and learn from our roastmaster how it's done. Keep your eyes open for upcoming events here.

BRR's Hierarchy of Brew Methods

In the end, everything in the coffee industry comes down to a matter of preference. After spending years in the trenches of the third wave specialty coffee industry we have procured a hierarchy of brew methods from our favorite on down based upon the final cup it produces and think...

Climate Change and Coffee

Global warming is creating a unique vortex of problems. First, are the rising temperatures that have produced widespread global droughts. This lack of precipitation during the summer months, and high heat index, is killing pollinating insects and rampantly spreading plant diseases

Varietals, Varietals, Varietals

If you know about coffee slightly more than the average consumer, you know there are two main types of coffee plants: Arabica and Robusta. Believe it or not, there are many varieties of the two coffee genus of Arabica and Robusta. So, to appease the Coffee Gods were going to...

Why Oat Milk is Here to Stay

Not only is there a definitive excitement in the air surrounding the new kid on the block, but there is also a legitimate reason why it stands a cut above in comparison to other dairy-alternatives. 

From There to Here: Coffee Farms & Co-Ops

Very few of us pay attention to where the things we use in our everyday lives originate. In terms of coffee; many of us only care that it’s in our hands, wafting its aromatic promises of boosted productivity as we rush off into the world. Even though caffeine accelerates and...

Better Brewing on a Budget

The question that is important that you answer is: how do you like your coffee? Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Venti Vanilla Mocha Frappa-latte? The sad truth is that your coffee addiction can add up and take a hit on your bank account. If anyone understands how important...

Coffee Pests? Fungi? Oh My! (Or Why Shade Grown Coffee Prevents These Terrors and Others)

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Justina (for those of you that do, thanks for coming back to check out my second post!) My previous blog post, The Case for Sustainable Coffee: Climate Change and Chemicals focused on Climate Change and the ways in which organic...

The Case for Sustainable Coffee: Climate Change and Chemicals

Hey there! My name is Justina. I’m going to be doing blog posts from time to time. Just so you know a little bit about me: I’m a full-time college student and an avid environmentalist and human rights activist, so my blog posts may touch upon some of these passions...

Coffee and Tea Lowers Risk of Brain Cancer

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, primary brain tumors occur at a rate of 12.8 per 100,000 people.  Although people of any age can develop a brain tumor, the problem seems to be most common in children ages 3 to 12 and in adults ages 40 to 70. A...

How to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves

Hey Everyone, Every morning I wakeup with a cup of Black River Roasters coffee and every night I cuddle up with a warm cup of tea.  I never thought to reuse my coffee grounds and/or tea leaves until I found an article tweeted by the Rainforest Alliance showing what to...

10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

I have always enjoyed reading the Snapple facts underneath the lids and wanted to give you some interesting facts about coffee.  I hope you will like reading these as much as I did and learn something new too!

The Science of Coffee

Coffee is derived from over 1,500 chemical substances, making it a highly complex beverage.  Approximately 850 of these chemical substances are volatile, while 700 are soluble.  Discover how complex the cup of coffee you are drinking really is in this blog post.

The Meanings Behind Different Coffee Label Claims

This article talks about the different labels  that coffee companies put on their coffee bags to set them apart from others, which includes “100% Arabica Beans”, “Fair Trade Certified”, “Organic”, “Shade Grown”, “Morning Blend”, and “Rainforest Alliance Certified”.  I have copied and pasted the article from Women’s Health Eat This, Not That section...

Organic vs. Conventional Coffee

After doing some research on organic versus conventional coffee, I wanted to pass on what I have learned.  Check out this blog post to get the facts.